My name is William Taudien.

I was borin in Eskilstuna, Sweden but moved to America in 2009 to run track for a Div 1 College, Texas State University. I had a scholarship for 800m running (1:50,62) and I graduated from Texas State University in May 2014. I graduated with a degree in communication design where only the top students who had above a 3.0 GPA were allowed to graduate. Since I graduated I have worked as a foundation designer at a Engneering company (DPIS Engineering in Houston TX), and for the second biggest oil field service company in the world, (Halliburton). On September 5th 2015 I had to leave America because my work authorization had expired and I was not able to obtain a new temporary visa. I had started several small businesses but had to put an end to them as well. I threw away almost everything I owned in America and left.   

One of my strongest characteristics is being creative and coming up with not only solid ideas, but also unique and fun concepts, which is essential for starting up businesses. I have extensive experience in Adobe Creative Suit, which I have been using for over ten years. I have been using Adobe creative suite for my own companies, for projects in school and also during my internship at Texas State marketing office. Using these programs I created logos, illustrations, packaging designs, flyers, magazines, posters, and brochures. While working at the Texas State marketing office i helped to plan, organize, and create marketing material for a university wide student event. I also designed posters in Photoshop, and planned and designed marketing and graphical design elements, which helped me solidify my graphical design skills

I would describe myself as a curious person that has an interest for almost anything. I like to try new things no matter what it is, and I also like to Snowboard, surf, skateboard, travel, sail, and hang out with my family. 

Below you can get to know me by looking at 35 pictures.

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